Esther Martínez

A full-time teacher at Silver Bluff Elementary School in Miami, Florida since 1982. After graduating from the University of Miami, with a Bachelor’s Degree, she went on to receive her Master of Education and Educational Specialist Degree from Nova Southeastern University.She has multifaceted expertise in education, from teaching gifted students to students learning English as a second language (ESOL), to children with special needs both in the classroom and via television (WLRN TV Dial-A-Teacher instructor, for ten years).

Throughout her career, she has been acknowledged for her dedication to the education of children and parents. Such accolades include, “Teacher of the Year”, “Exceptional Student Education” Coordinator, “United Way Campaign” Coordinator, “Do The Right Thing” Coordinator, “Dade Reading Council,” among others. She has held administrative responsibilities such as the leader position for the Teacher Education Program and has also been the school liaison for Dade Partners Program. Her expertise in education paired with her enthusiastic and creative abilities have enabled her to help students confront the challenges they encounter academically, socially and emotionally. She thrives on making a difference in the lives of children.

Here are some tips that may help parents at home with the home-learning experience:

  • Routine is key. Establish a home-learning routine including a time of day realistic for the parent
  • Organize your child’s routine on a visual schedule. Your child needs to know what is expected
  • Stick to the allotted time given for each home-learning assignment
  • NO TV or any other distractions
  • Have an area that is sensory comfortable
  • Reward with a HUG!